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PetDays: Instagram for Your Pets

My dog, Myles Davis Davenport, has his own Instagram page and hashtag. When I realized that I had become the pet parent that I used to laugh at ...

On August 13, 2018 / By

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MASS Appeal: Body Resistance Suit

Back in the day…like 10 years ago…before much was known about the benefits of resistance training, NFL player Jesse Nicassio had to work out the old-fashioned way. He’d ...

On August 28, 2018 / By

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The Barbershop

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It Still Takes a Village

As a child and teen, I did a lot of dumb things that children/teens do today. This is not about having perfect children who do no wrong. This ...

On August 26, 2018 / By

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Daymaker Launches Back to School Giving Opportunity

Summer is coming to a close and if the kids aren’t already back in school, they are soon on their way. When students are equipped with the right school ...

On August 1, 2018 / By
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