5 Reasons Why Watches Stand the Test of Time for Father’s Day

5 Reasons Why Watches Stand the Test of Time for Father’s Day

If you’re anything like us, every Father’s Day you wrack your brain for ways to be different this year, exciting items you can give your dad or hubby to really show them how much you care…but the same things come to mind time and time again.  If only he could tell you ahead of time that those things are what he wants anyway!  Especially if you’re thinking a brand new watch may be the way to go.  

Gemma by WP Diamonds, a brand new launch where you can find popular, rare and even collectible luxury watches at upwards of 80% less than retail, shares the top 5 reasons why luxury watches will always top the list and never get old:

1. Functionality: There are few items in our everyday lives that are equal parts necessity and luxury. Luxury watches are one of them. They serve an essential function, so much so that men often say they feel “naked” without them and will look down at their wrists regularly to check the time, even when their watches are missing. 

2. Status: Watches have always been there to celebrate the next chapter in a man’s life.  When you graduate from high school or college you get a nice watch.  When you get married you’re often gifted a nicer one. When you land your first big promotion, you buy yourself an even fancier version.  They are a symbol of success and an item that you can be simultaneously proud of and grateful for.

3. Style: With so many options from band material to face or bezel color and so on, the wristwatch can be personalized to the wearer’s needs and tastes. But most importantly, luxury watches tend to be classic and timeless in design. 

4. Resale Value: While smartwatches become redundant as new technology emerges, certain luxury brands retain or even increase in value. This is because fine watches are built to last. Luxury watchmakers use quality materials with the aim to create durable watches that will stand the test of time.

5. Sentimentality: For centuries, watches have been passed down from generation to generation, making them one of the most valued family heirlooms for men around the world.  Many will engrave the back with each hand-off, ensuring that their history is preserved throughout their journey. All of which explains why Patek Philippe’s slogan is “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

“Designer watches are products of true craftsmanship, merging luxury and reliability. As a result, some watches are great investments and others are simply a work of art. Either way, they continue to be one of the most beautiful ways to treat the most important men in your life in a way that merges form, function, and luxury.” – Tom Pozsgay, Director of Watches, Gemma by WP Diamonds