Editor’s Pick: 1More iBFree Wireless Workout Headphones

Editor’s Pick: 1More iBFree Wireless Workout Headphones

The gym has a plethora of sounds. There’s the faint music that you would probably never have on your workout playlist, the conversations that others are having on their phones and in person, and grunts from people listing more than they should, and finally, the gym announcements that we probably should hear but thanks to headphones, we probably never will. This is the what I had the unfortunate pleasure of listening to when my recently charged headphones died. To my surprise, 1More iBFree headphones saved me from ever being in that predicament again.

The wireless sport in-ear headphones have a durable cord with volume controls, power but

ton, charging port and call answering buttons on a small rectangular pod. The earbuds come with ear canal fittings that make sure the buds will not fall out of your ear. The bud matching metallic cover that gives a touch of personality to go with workout intensity. Available in Red, Blue, Green, and Black, you will be able to find a color that suits you. Comfort has always been a hard sell when it comes to workout in-ear headphones and this design has been one of the best that I’ve tried to date.

When it comes to sound quality, the 1More iBFree headphones are sublime. Having a strong bass register allows me to keep my pace at a steady cadence, while the treble allows lyrics to stay vibrant and not get drowned out in the music. Switching genres and volume levels are not affected by these headphones. The canal fittings keep the buds in your ear for optimal sound quality. There’s no pushing them back in to hear your music.

The true test of a good workout headphone is actually working out. When I first purchase in-ear headphones, I’m always skeptical about if they will be able to hold up with running, jumping, and sudden movements. I’ve run 5k-10k with the 1More iBFree headphones, have done explosive plyometric workouts, and gone through countless workouts and have not had a single issue with stability.

A supposed 8-hour battery life on a full charge keeps you in your zone through your fitness routine. I haven’t tried to workout or keep the headphones in my ears for 8 hours so, I can’t attest to that. However, I have gone to the gym one day, run for an hour the next, and listened to music in my office on a full charge with no problem. For the reasonable price tag of $59.99, the 1More iBFree headphones are a solid option for a workout set.

To see more and/or purchase a pair, visit https://usa.1more.com/products/ibfreesport