Editor’s Pick: Forceflex High-Performance Eyewear

Editor’s Pick: Forceflex High-Performance Eyewear

Being an extremely active person, it’s sometimes challenging to find a pair of sunglasses that can fit my lifestyle. While I have shades that I can put on in casual settings, I would never wear them to run, play baseball, doing work in the yard, hiking, etc. Forceflex® High-Performance Eyewear has given me the alternative.

While being a sturdy pair of sunglasses, Forceflex sunglasses are still comfortable and lightweight. When you are running a 5k, the last concern that you need is pushing your shades back up on your nose every 100 yards. Not once was this a concern of mine.

  • They’re built to the extreme. For the extreme.
  • For the driving range. And the shooting range.
  • They’re inexpensive. And indestructible.

Foreceflex upped the ante in sunglasses technology. Forceflex® High-Performance Eyewear, from a leading tactical military eyewear company, provides the highest military-grade impact protection rating; nearly indestructible design; 6x the scratch resistance; the most flexible, adjustable frames on the market; zero lens distortion; and 100% UVA and UVB protection. 

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