SUAVVfit: What’s In Your Gym Bag?

SUAVVfit: What’s In Your Gym Bag?

Need a fall refresh for your gym routine? When the weather gets cooler, we all get lazier. While we attempt to keep you motivated with our workout routines, and suggesting some of the best and most innovative workout clothes that you workout in are important, reignite your passion for fitness with these awesome products as well!

Every athlete, fitness fanatic, and weekend warrior needs a PerfectShaker in their gym bag! The PerfectShaker is the perfect fitness accessory to hydrate and fuel, like your favorite hero. It comes equipped with a stay-open flip cap, screw on lid and extra wide mouth to make consuming easier. It’s also the only bottle with ActionRod Technology with the agitator bouncing up and down to create delicious and nutritious mixes. PerfectShaker is the only shaker cup company that has licensing with Disney & Warner Bros. Choose from Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Flash, Hulk or Green Lantern.

You just can’t do fitness without music. You also need to be sure the music doesn’t fail you. Nothing kills your concentration during a marathon or squat session like an ear bud falling out. Wraps headphones won’t slip out of your ears and they won’t tangle up into a cluster of chaos. Wraps wants you to feel the burn of your biceps growing, not the pain of your jams fizzling. Wraps not only offer crystal-clear, high-quality sound but they also look good! When they’re not in your ears, wrap them around your wrist for a fashion statement.

Features of Wraps: 

  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable
  • Delivers high-quality sound, tuned by world-renowned sound engineers
  • Tangle-free
  • Patented slider system
  • Lightweight
  • Various colors and styles
  • Prices start at $19.99

Staying hydrated should always be first on your list when exercising! Forget about the hassle of water bottles that leak, get hot, and contain harmful chemicals. EcoVessel is the only water bottle you’ll need! With their TriMax triple insulation technology, your water will stay cool and refreshing, even during hot yoga! I have the black-coated 20 oz. bottle that I specifically take to the gym JUST for the sauna. We all know being in the sauna with a bottle of water means you will be drinking warm to hot water in about 15 minutes. (probably should be in there much longer than that anyway, but that’s my place of peace) This EcoVessel bottle keeps my water ICE COLD for the entire 30 minutes that I am in the sauna and the bottle NEVER became too hot to touch.  The technology keeps drinks cold for 36 hours and hot up to 8! With multiple size options, color options, and interchangeable lids, you’re sure to find your favorite with EcoVessel. My new day-to-day water bottle is the 64 oz. THE BOSS bottle. Trust me, if you want a quality water bottle, this is it.

After a good sweat sesh, your hair will thank you for using the amazingly moisturing Renpure Black Label Coconut Collection. With Renpure products, it has never been easier to lay the foundation for healthy, nourished hair! After styling with blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons, your hair is at risk for major damage. Luckily with Renpure’s Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist, you can now have a portable option for adding softness and shine when your life gets stressful and chaotic.Part of their Black Label Coconut collection, their Replenishing Treatment Mist utilizes the innate properties of rich and creamy coconut oil to give sun and product damaged hair the hydrating drink it needs to appear healthier and younger. It’s formula works to:

•Control frizz

•Smooth tangled strands

•Add softness and shine

•Prevent breakage and split ends

•Protect against heated styling tools

After your workout, count on Somersets to soothe and heal your skin with all natural ingredients, even while you shave! Somersets offers the following benefits with their great ingredients:

  • All-natural, vegan ingredients such as Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Juniper Berry, Camomile and Cedar Wood Oils that are only plant extracted and never tested on animals
  • No cuts or razor burn; Somersets offers “the world’s most comfortable shave”
  • Up to 90 shaves from one compact bottle, only 3-4 drops per shave
  • No water needed, making them ideal for home, gym, and travel
  • Hand luggage and TSA friendly

I love this product for multiple reasons. First, there is an instant cooling effect that you will feel from using the Somersets oils. Next, would have to be the fact that I can see what I am doing. Having a beard makes it kind of challenging when it comes to shaving my face. I’ve been at this for a while so, I know my lines, but being able to see what I am doing is amazing. Third, the oil allows me to spend a little time between shaving and using post shave balm. My face doesn’t dry out after use and gives a chance to allow my face and head to just breathe. Last, the size of the product is really small which make it extremely easy to carry around in a bookbag, or satchel. Now the razor is a different story. For men, choose from Maximum Glide Shaving Oils in Original, Extra Sensitive, or Tough Stubble. For women, choose from Extra Sensitive for Legs and Underarm or Delicate for Bikini Area. Made in England and now available in the United States, Somersets can be found in Walgreens, as well as several regional chains and select independent stores.

Have all the natural skin and body care essentials on hand with Green Goo travel packs. This organic skincare line provides pure, natural and healing ingredients to nourish skin. Green Goo believes in using only the highest-quality, natural, beneficial ingredients the earth has to offer… food for your skin! These products are being used with the Mandela Foundation for their portable hospitals, with World Vision for their Somalia team helping with wound care and even John Hopkins! Your purchase and gift will contribute to offering clean products around the globe.

These natural products come in a variety of travel packs that are perfect for anyone on your wish list, including the skincare travel pack, first aid travel pack, outdoor travel pack, deodorant travel pack, and the mama and baby travel set. By purchasing Green Goo products, you are helping to make a difference, One Tin at a Time.