Triple Threat Teen: Cameron J. Wright

Triple Threat Teen: Cameron J. Wright

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Not only are you an actor, but you’re also an upcoming musician and member of the band Ncredible Crazy Kids (NCK). Originally, Nick Cannon discovered your singing talent on Instagram and hand-selected you to be a part of NCK. Now, you’re currently working alongside him to create NCK’s first album. What is it like working with Nick in the studio, writing songs, practicing vocals, etc.?

Cameron: It’s cool just getting to be in the studio and record some songs. I love how the songs sound. I feel like everyone is going to love them, too. Getting to work with Nick is awesome. He’s a great mentor and he’s an inspiration to us in the band. I’m just excited for the world to hear our music.

Who have been your musical inspirations? How do these artists influence you and or NCK’s sound when making music?

Cameron: My personal artist inspirations are Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and a lot of other Motown singers. I also love Bruno Mars as my favorite current artist. I can’t really talk much about NCK’s music so everyone is going to have to stay tuned for when that comes out! There are some inspirations in there that will be clear once the songs come out.

Can you tease what kind, type, or genre of music fans can expect from NCK?

Cameron: The songs are all pretty much different types of genres. We have one song that is a slow-jam and one that’s a doo-wop. We even have one that’s upbeat that you might hear at a party and people can dance to it. There’s a song for everyone to like.

We’re looking forward to hearing your music with NCK, but right now most of your projects are on hold due to quarantine. How are you keeping busy during quarantine? Are you working on anything related to acting or music?

Cameron: I’ve been working on my music and I’ve been doing Zoom acting classes. I’ve mainly been focusing on my school work. I’ve also been hosting an Instagram series called “Quarantine Tunes” where I have a friend come on and we do a song together. It’s just something we like to keep doing while we’re stuck inside.

It’s quite easy for kids and teens nowadays to feel cooped up, anxious, and even unproductive while they’re at home during the quarantine. Do you have any advice as to how kids/teens might overcome their restlessness and stay busy?

Cameron: Find what you are passionate about and keep working on that. If you already know what you are passionate about, just try to find a way to work on it while you’re stuck inside. If you don’t, use this time to experiment, try new things, and find what it is that you love to do. Once you find something, keep working on that and you will have a new passion that will last once quarantine ends.

We would like to end things on a hopeful note. Once the quarantine is lifted, are there any particular projects that you are excited to return to or finally begin? What can fans expect to see from you?

Cameron: I’m really excited for “Family Reunion” season 2! We had to put everything on hold because of the shutdown. Once that’s done, we’re going to get back up and head back to the set. I cannot wait to continue filming the new season. Also, I’ll be getting back together with my band and start back up on our YouTube channel and record some videos together.

You can keep up with Cameron by following him on Facebook under “Cameron J. Wright” and Instagram @thecameronjwright.



Be sure to catch Cameron in “Family Reunion” on NETFLIX and listen to his covers on the Ncredible Crazy Kids’ YouTube channel. Ncredible Crazy Kids’ YouTube Channel:

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