Jimmy Jones of OWN’s “Ready to Love” talks the Reality of Love and Business in Atlanta

Jimmy Jones of OWN’s “Ready to Love” talks the Reality of Love and Business in Atlanta

Interview by Rashod Davenport
Words By Ebony Davis

Reality tv can sometimes make or break a person’s career. In some cases, it is for the better and in others, it can take a serious turn for the worse. In the case of former Ready to Love Season 2 castmate, Jimmy Jones, reality tv has been a blessing. Granted Jimmy brought a lot to the table before joining the OWN hit show. A graduate of Florida A & M University and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Jones embraced his entrepreneurial spirit early on. It was this spirit combined with OWN Tv’s Ready to Love that let this Atlanta native see no shortage of customers.

The self-assured number one listing agent in Atlanta, Jimmy Jones, has become quite popular since his appearance on Ready to Love. Yet, is he as lucky in love as he is in business?

It would seem so. Jones’ love interest on the show was, Kimber, and he still actively date. Not only that Jimmy is experiencing a sudden influx of new female Instagram followers averaging 60-70 a day. With those sorts of numbers, I would venture to say Jimmy Jones is not just selling homes but also love. 

For an inside look into the reality of love and business in Atlanta, I sat down with “Sell Your Home”, Jimmy Jones, for an intimate chat. We met in midtown at one of my favorite hotel lounges during lunch hour and chopped it up. Jimmy arrived in a blazer, crisp white button-up shirt, jeans, boots, and sunglasses. With a smile from ear to ear, we began joking back and forth with a little HBCU banter thanks to my attendance at Johnson C. Smith University. Then we got down to business. Let’s talk about one of the most popular occupations in Atlanta, Georgia…Real Estate. 

How did you get into real estate? 

Everything else really was not working for me. Real estate was like a, a plan D. A, B, and C did not work. I took the GMAT to get my masters, failed it. I took the LSAT for law school, failed. I took the DAT for dental school, failed it. I took that real estate exam, knocked it out of the park. And I made a deal with God right before I went in there to take the first part of the test, I was like, God, if you allow me to pass this, I will never quit doing it.

I will never quit it because I feel like one of the biggest mistakes in my life has been, I had quit things. Here is what I say, it is okay to quit somethings. I am not saying never quit. I am not a never quit guy. I think you should quit toxic relationships. I think you should quit self- hate. 

I think you should quit things that are not helping you. You should quit that. Quit smoking. But in terms of different opportunities and things, I feel like if I had to see them out a little bit further out versus cutting them off where I cut them off…)