Climbing to the Top with Mychel “Snoop” Dillard

Climbing to the Top with Mychel “Snoop” Dillard

Interview by Rashod Davenport
Written By Ebony Davis

“I just have an A-type personality. I’m just not willing to deal with bullshit. Anybody that meets me, it is pretty obvious that it’s kind of hard to get one over on me.” 

Kind words from a serial entrepreneur, right? It is no wonder Mychel Dillard, also known as Snoop, has led a fruitful career as an entrepreneur and restauranteur. With her no-nonsense attitude, bullshit detector, and aptitude for scouting out new business prospects; she’s cultivated an undeniable recipe for success. Most notably Snoop has partnered with 2 Chainz in the opening of Escobar Restaurant and Tapas Lounge. The Detroit native, now residing in Atlanta, recently sat down with us at SUAVV Magazine to discuss her success and give insight to those looking to follow in her footsteps. 

Snoop’s journey began not long after graduating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. After her time there, she went on to become a financial advisor even diversifying into real estate. Sometime later Snoop made a jump into entertainment. Snoop began creating a calendar cleverly titled “Lose the Leather.” Snoop enlisted the help of her then-girlfriend and model in sourcing talent for the calendar. With her help, Snoop was able to feature 11 additional models for “Lose the Leather. The venture taught Snoop a new skill, in the way of promoting. 

“I’ve always just kind of been about, you know, climbing my way to the top…I‘m always about business, always. I’m always just so motivated and kind of willing to overcome adversity and obstacles,” said Snoop. Having many skills proved advantageous for Snoop but it did not prevent her from learning some important lessons in business. 

What were some of the obstacles you dealt with at the beginning of your entrepreneurial career? 

Snoop: Some of the obstacles of course was just finances, learning how to trust people. My credit was not always the best. I started investing in a lot of houses when I first was doing real estate and financial advising and definitely took a hit with the stock market in 2008, 2009. I had a lot of adversity when it comes to rebuilding my credit back up. And of course, if you don’t look good on paper then people don’t really trust you, they’re not as willing to work for you. So that was probably the biggest of it. Learning who to work with, who not to work with having various business partners, and different things of that nature.