No Time Wasted: Tim Timberlake on The Power of 1440 and Making the Most of Every Minute.

No Time Wasted: Tim Timberlake on The Power of 1440 and Making the Most of Every Minute.

Recall the conversation that you had with your closest friend or family member yesterday. What if that conversation was the last time you spoke to that person? How would you have changed that interaction? Now that you have that thought in your head, what will you do differently the next time you speak to that person? These are the questions that I had for author and pastor Tim Timberlake.

Being the son of a preacher, Tim’s tragic and painful personal story surrounding the sudden loss of his father when he was eighteen-year-old, eventually led him to follow a calling that he initially didn’t want to answer. Tim is now the lead pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, (the 10th biggest in the nation). His sense of humor, combined with his in-depth Bible teaching, gives the listener and reader the tools to transform their lives from the inside out. And not just to get through it, but to exhaust every opportunity of potential of that day, moment by moment, fulfilling his God-given purpose.

Tim began his journey toward seeing the benefit and blessing of each day and inspires others to do that same through weekly sermons, focusing on new ways of understanding and handling the hardships of life. His teachings can best be summarized, as he says it best,  “Win some, learn some . . . but never lose.”

No stranger from putting pen to paper, Tim’s successful first book “Abandon: Laying Aside Your Plan for God’s Purpose” released in 2015 encouraged readers to choose, challenge, and change for a deeper relationship with God. Since then, Tim’s teaching trajectory has changed to adapt to a wider audience. You can currently purchase Tim’s book, “The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day” at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon.

Servolution and ARC are currently partnering with Tim and The Power of 1440, to use it as a resource to encourage church planters and in turn, those church planters and churches will be able to use it to resource the communities they are in. Convoy of Hope is also an official partner of the book, and they are using the proceeds from book sales to provide disaster relief to those in need, and to help feed the communities that they are working in.

Check out this conversation and look out for more coming soon.

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