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Never Give Up: Skye Townsend

Skye Townsend

Skye Townsend hit fame when she went viral on VINE imitating Beyonce. While she is the daughter of super director Robert Townsend, she never looked to her father for a handout. She wanted to make it her way and through her own hard work. With close to 600 auditions under her belt and a few roles landed, she was looking for her big break. However, the area of “almost” was where she resided for years.

Most recently, Skye was booked as a regular on HBO’s A Back Lady Sketch Show created by Issa Rae. While always having a knack for impersonations, this was her time to shine.

Check out her interview below and get to know the woman behind the characters.

Sketch Comedy's New Queen: Skye Townsend joins A Black Lady Sketch Show

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