MASS Appeal: Body Resistance Suit

MASS Appeal: Body Resistance Suit

Back in the day…like 10 years ago…before much was known about the benefits of resistance training, NFL player Jesse Nicassio had to work out the old-fashioned way. He’d prepare for the sport by performing drills for speed and agility and lifting weights for strength. He wondered why there wasn’t a more targeted way to get stronger, faster and better. It wasn’t until he got injured, that the solution came to light.

“As a punter my whole life I must have kicked my leg thousands of times. That puts a lot of stress on the hip flexor, quad and hamstring. I started using resistance bands more for leg speed. I created the first product that helped take the stress off my hip flexor and alleviate the pain. Next thing I know I have a full-blown full body suit,” he said.

That prototype would eventually become the MASS Suit, the first and only full body fully mobile resistance training suit that’s been proven to improve workout efficiency by nearly 75%. With an added resistance of between 25-200 pounds, it helps increase strength, speed, agility, explosion, and endurance and does it faster than working out without resistance.

Nicassio says so much technology went into getting it just right ensuring the bands engaged both large and small muscles like the legs, glutes, core, back, chest, arms, shoulders calves, and traps and that the suit kept the body in proper alignment.

He launched JUKE Performance in 2006 to bring the MASS Suit and other performance products to athletes. Nicassio says he gets so much enjoyment seeing how it’s helping others recover from injuries and perform their best, whatever their sport.

“They were running faster, jumping higher, losing weight quicker, becoming ripped in a month instead of seeing all these improvements spread out over a longer period of time. Seeing how people have overcome their injuries faster to get back on their feet to exercise again is awesome. This is what makes me love my job.” he said.


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