Michigan’s Best Trainer Dominic Frazier Talks Fitness and Nutrition

Michigan’s Best Trainer Dominic Frazier Talks Fitness and Nutrition

The best trainer in Michigan is Dominic Frazier. He trains professional athletes, executives, and celebrities. He offers customized workouts and nutrition programs for his clients. When it comes to his clients, he wants to change their fitness, nutrition, and diet for the better. He wants to help people.

Dominic Frazier, certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist wants to change the culture of the fitness and nutrition industry while helping one person at a time. Dominic Frazier is the CEO of Frazier Fitness Human Performance & Sports Nutrition Consulting, LLC. He feels that with targeted workouts and healthier eating, we can all do this in our daily lives. He wants to help people with their fitness and nutrition so that they can instill good habits for their daily living.

You have helped a lot of people get healthy and in the best shape of their lives. Tell us more about your path in helping others?
I never thought I would get to travel the world helping athletes get faster, stronger, and having them reach their true potential. This path has allowed me to travel the world giving back and helping others on a global scale. I continue to help people when it comes to their fitness and nutrition and on so many levels because that is what I’m most passionate about.

What are some simple ways to be healthier?
Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. Drink plenty of water daily and limit your alcohol intake. Limit your junk food intake and increase your protein intake.

What kind of protein should we incorporate into our diet?
High protein foods to include in your diet are egg whites, lean beef, chicken breast, lean pork, and fish. Low protein foods to include in your diet are beans, nuts, high-fat greek yogurt, quinoa, and peanut butter.

Do you offer nutrition online coaching?
Yes. Nutrition and proper supplementation are just as important as your workouts. Our nutrition and supplementation programs can educate you about what foods and supplements to incorporate in your routine.

Do you offer virtual fitness training?
Yes. We have a program designed to suit your needs. It is all about feeling great and getting in the best shape possible. For virtual fitness training and for more information, visit: frazierfitness.com

Dominic Frazier is a celebrity fitness trainer with a client roster that includes professional athletes, MLB and NFL athletes, elite soccer and professional golf players, executives, and celebrities. He has over 15 years of experience in the fitness, nutrition, and health and wellness industry.

For more information on Dominic Frazier, visit: frazierfitness.com
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