No Excuses: Donovan Green

No Excuses: Donovan Green

Working out is the new craze of our generation. Each month the $21.8 billion dollar industry opens more and more new gyms, gym contracts are signed, and new faces enter the weighted world of fitness. Trainers are hired, new “workout clothes” are purchased, and the best workout playlist is put together (thanks to SUAVV’s Muscle Musik updates). With goals of a “future self” embedded in the heads of the new gym members, the change of lifestyle begins to take place. Statistically, 80 percent of new gym members will not last beyond the first month of their memberships. While the excuses of gym absence come as a wide, and sometimes ridiculous, variety, fitness trainer and author of “No Excuses Fitness”, Donovan Green is taking just that…NO EXCUSES.

Donovan Green, personal trainer to Dr. Oz, is the founder of Project Slimdown, TV personality, celebrity fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and now author. While he may be tough on his clients, Donovan knows the power that fitness holds as well as the power that every individual holds inside of them. His goal is to motivate every person, regardless of your fitness aspirations to tap into that power and begin making yourself a better person inside out. We had a chance to sit with Donovan and asked him a few of our pondering questions.

What inspired you to take on this journey?
Fitness seemed to be the natural thing to do. At an early age, I began to train with my uncle Duncan who took me under his wing and taught me the basics of weight training. I also started eating better foods and noticed a big change in the way I looked and felt. I decided to stick with it and years later I am still living that life.

Diet is probably one of the biggest promoted aspects of healthy living. What are 3 main things you would exclude from a typical food regimen to begin a successful journey?
Three main things to exclude from foods include sugar, salt, and artificial flavorings. These 3 things are responsible for a lot of illnesses and excess weight added to your body each year. The most effective foods to eat are fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also important to eat legumes, nuts, and drink plenty of water.

What do you find is the biggest challenge for a person to workout?
The biggest challenge for a person to workout is the lack of time. People are so busy spending their days working, and taking care of their spouses, children, friends, and family. They do not make enough time to take care of themselves. That is why I created an easy to do 20-minute workout that will not only jump start you in no time, it will take away the excuse of not having enough time to exercise. I believe that exercise is essential so why not do it when you can, especially if it requires only 20 minutes out of your day.

What about the person that has already been going to the gym and feel like 20 minutes isn’t enough cardio?
Cardio should be done in short bursts of intense exercise. 30 minutes of cardio is plenty. Once you do it right, 30 minutes is all you will need, unless you’re playing for a pro sports team. Some of the best cardio moves include sprinting, jumping, jump rope, kickboxing, rowing, or speed walking. You should do cardio every other day rather than every day. Your body will need time to recover in between days of training. Do strength training for the other days.

It’s said that there is not a single fitness plan that fits everyone? Do you feel your plan does?
What separates me from many trainers is the fact that I do not have just one plan or one type of client in mind. I think about people before I think about exercise. If you are wheelchair bound, I have something for you. If you are a pro bodybuilder, I have something for you. If you are a beginner, I have something for you. So yes, my fitness approach definitely works in favor of the individual.

What workout plan do you look at and ask yourself “why”?
Every workout plan is good. It’s all based on the needs of the individual. Trainers who lack program writing is what makes me say “why?” I have seen professional trainers write plans for clients who suffered from severe knee problems. The plan would include running, squats, stair climbs, and leg extension. I find that to be very bad on a trainer’s part and it also gives the good trainers a bad name. Every client should have something designed for his or her specific needs. There are no bad programs just bad choices.

Fitness and health is not just a seasonal venture that should be taken on just to look your best at the beach. It’s part of your lifestyle that will not only make you look better but feel and live better as well. We will continue to help guide you through your fitness and nutrition goals because the longer you are on earth, the more good you can serve to those around you. As always, STAY SUAVV.

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