No Shave November Ready

No Shave November Ready

November is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for No Shave November! No Shave November is about raising awareness for cancer and men’s health. Two years ago, I found out that a close friend of mine and fellow publisher, Jerris Madison, had a rare form of cancer and was going to have to go into surgery to have it removed. I decided at that moment that I was going to let my beard grow in to support my friend and his journey to beat cancer. Today, I keep my beard (trimmed of course) not only for my friend and because I absolutely love it, but for family members past and present that refuse to let something come into their lives and take away their livelihood.  Check it out at Get the best items to compliment your commitment to no shaving this next month.

Attention all men wanting to tame their hair from No Shave November! Forget scheduling your weekly appointment at the barber and opt for the Razor MD grooming kits guaranteed to keep any man’s skin smooth and sleek. Eco-friendly and formulated with the most natural ingredients, Razor MD provides high-quality shaving essentials that men need to achieve a polished look without breaking their wallet. With no harsh chemicals, parabens or testing on animals, Razor MD is guaranteed to be a safe product for skin. With their signature Cheech & Chong collection, men can have all the grooming essentials they need. Equipped with custom beard oils, beard washes, and quality mustache waxes, each product is created in the most natural method. Innovative and dedicated to offer the “prescription for the perfect shave,” Razor MD is becoming a revolutionary grooming kit that will make a man’s skin look pristine and smooth.

Stay active and healthy in a new way! After working out, your body can be exhausted and bounded by sore muscles. Rather than rely on typical protein shakes and Gatorade, enhance your body with the Play Again Now recovery drink. Created with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and MSM, the drink comes equipped with restorative powers that heal your body in the most natural way and repair muscle damage. With just 2 to 3 tablespoons, Play Again Now can lessen soreness, prevent stiffness, increase physical energy and dramatically reduce recovery times. This high-performing recovery aid is free of caffeine, gluten, carbs and calories! If you want to look like a fitness superstar for your next workout, always have Play Again Now on hand to make you feel your best.

Stay active in the cool weather with 1 Voice Bluetooth Beanie! A perfect way to achieve that much need R&R wherever you are, 1 Voice Bluetooth Enabled Beanie lets you listen to music or talk on the phone wirelessly. Built to provide high-quality audio and superior functionality, the 1 Voice Beanie is the new tech tool ready to make its mark on the tech-savvy world. Made from top quality knitted fabric, 1 Voice is equipped with built-in headphones that allow you to be hands-free, while streaming your favorite tunes. With a battery life that lasts up to 10-12 hours, you will have long-lasting warmth and a statement piece to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

You may be sore today, but with 4Jointz you can be strong tomorrow. Created to alleviate irritating joint pain, this revolutionary cream is created with herbal ingredients to rid pain. Rather than rely on painkillers, 4Joints provides a natural and healthier alternative to eliminate soreness and pain. Already having gained national recognition and support from the Australian government, the cream can act as an alternative to painkillers for osteoarthritis and joint pain overall whether from a sports injury or other type of joint discomfort . Clinical studies have found that after applying 4Jointz, users had a statistically significant decrease in pain, stiffness and swelling. Users also grew stronger leg muscle strength and had increased mobility. Provide long-lasting comfort and preventing people from consistently using painkillers, 4Jointz is the natural remedy so you  can stay healthy and happy.

Keep the beard and hair clean with Mixed Chicks! With HIS MIX collection, men of various ethnicities and hair types can wash, condition and groom their hair with potent elixirs designed to provide the highest quality hair care. Choose from their various, quality products:

  • HIS MIX Shampoo – A protein rich formula that works to remove buildup and protect hair from sun damage.
  • HIS MIX Conditioner – Made with castor oil, this powerful conditioner strengthens, detangles, hydrates and promotes growth while improving scalp circulation
  • HIS MIX Leave-In Conditioner – This jojoba-infused creation defines curls and provides a soft-styled hold on any hair texture or perm.
  • HIS MIX Firm Hold Gel – Aside from creating texture, this styling gel blocks 99% of frizz ensuring that your hair will always stay perfectly groomed.

Exuvius, the revolutionary line of multi-use menswear accessories, aims to empower the modern man through the craftsmanship of a stainless steel men’s appointment collection that’s as practical as it is dapper. When the Exuvius man opts to don the iconic Titan and Vulcan Multi-Tool Collar Stays that double-serve as handy bottle openers, the contemporary gentleman’s wardrobe will reflect both his personal style and practical solutions this Fall. Exuvius believes in epitomizing both function and fashion as a vital aspect of a man’s dressed up wardrobe.