The Gelato Company Delivering To Your Door

The Gelato Company Delivering To Your Door

For some of us, having gelato delivered right to our doorsteps while social distancing sounds downright dangerous. I know what you’re thinking, all dieting bets are off.  

With Gelato Boy, on the other hand, you can have your sweet treat with less guilt as this cool and creamy dessert is naturally healthier than ice cream. 

The brand makes the closest thing you can get to authentic gelato without a passport to Italy. This means no compromises when it comes to using organic ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives, off the shelf mixes. This made-from-scratch gelato also receives attention for its non-dairy varieties. 

Not to be outdone by Ben & Jerry, Gelato Boy offers a variety of flavors, in addition to coming out with 4 limited edition releases every month: two regular and two non-dairy. Please do note that in these uncertain times, they’ve scaled back to two for May.

Gelato Boy might be most appealing for its monthly subscription of 4 seasonal pints automatically shipped to your home, but the company also has more ways for you to get your gelato fix. 

Find their scoop shop locations: two in Denver and two in Boulder, Colorado. Gelato Boy is also sold in pints at Whole Foods locations within Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Idaho and New Mexico.

The Scoop For May

Crème Fraîche Strawberry Pie – This inventive gelato uses real crème fraîche, which gives it a tangy flavor which is combined with sweetness of strawberry jam and texture of pie crust chunks.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie – Those with dairy allergies don’t need to miss out on this chocolate gelato goodness. Oat milk is combined with fudge and brownies to create this chocoaholic dessert.

About Gelato Boy: You know how the story goes. Boy meets girl, girl marries boy… but the happily ever after here is that Gelato Boy is born. Colorado native Bryce Licht was working for a non-profit on a research grant in Italy. After frequenting a local Venice gelato shop, he developed a crush on his future wife Giulia. Bryce’s obsession with gelato eventually earned him the nickname “Gelato Boy.” The couple learned how to make this Italian sweet cool treat in a small town outside of Venice and knew they wanted to bring it back to the states. Returning to the U.S., they’re sharing “amore” with you.