Dorm Sweet Dorm:7 dorm room essentials you shouldn’t forget!

Dorm Sweet Dorm:7 dorm room essentials you shouldn’t forget!


Moving into a dorm is a big deal for any college newbie! Decorate your new dorm with the fashionable, yet affordable collections from U Brands. With everything from stationery to office tools and home goods, this new, innovative company delivers creative designs with great quality and value – they even won 2016 National Stationery Shows New York Best New Product! Stay SUAVV and plan your day in style without breaking the bank! All of U Brands products are available in store!


Muir Way Maps are for the college student with big travel dreams! Whether you want to trek through every National Park out there, just love to explore, or even those who simply enjoy the look of a sophisticated map – Muir Way offers beautiful maps for the traveler in you! Whether it be a detailed map of the Rocky Mountains, or an in depth map of Yosemite National Park, Muir Way can bring the outdoors into the comfort of your own dorm. Express your love of National Parks, mountain ranges, and hydrology with the daring designs from Muir Way!


Carry all of your college necessities with you in the AmeriBag! The Healthy Back Bag from  AmeriBag is a must-have for any new college student! Whether you have to climb a million stairs on your new campus or you have 5 books for one class, this backpack gives you those extra pockets and space, while taking care of your back!

  • Trademarked teardrop shape that ergonomically molds to the shape of your spine.

  • Cross body design to distribute weight evenly, alleviating stress on your back, shoulders, and neck.

  • Easy-see silver lining reflects natural light to make find things a breeze.

  • Available in a wide selection of colors and three different sizes.



Get ready to party and sleep like a real college student thanks to Sound Oasis! With the NEW Stereo Bluetooth® Sound Therapy System, you can fill a room with crashing waves, cricket chirps, or even a human heartbeat – all it takes is the push of a button. A literal life-saver if you’re suffering from poor productivity due to background noise distractions, a snoring roommate, loud neighbors, or other distracting noises. Sound machine therapy not only helps you get and stay to sleep, it also doubles has an bluetooth speaker! Perfect for the new college student, Sound Oasis’ Stereo Bluetooth® Sound Therapy System will either soothe you into a relaxing sleep or pump up some music in your new dorm.


Switching to a dorm room means a little less space to hang your clothes! If you need more space to organize – Hanger Jack Gator is the solution. It’s simple to install, provides a place to hang items and best of all, when not in use, it lays flat against the wall. You have no idea it’s there! It’s a great option to dry your clothes on or hang your outfit for the night out!


Want that cute accent rug but scared it will get ruined in your college housing? Comfort Design Mats are perfect because they are stylish yet easy to clean! Not to mention comfortable for hanging out and chilling with friends.

  • Safe and non-toxic – Free of BPA, formaldehyde and lead. Hypoallergenic and non-flammable too!

  • Easy Cleanup & Waterproof – Just wipe away the mess. Because there are no shaggy fabrics for crumbs to squeeze between, cleanups are a breeze. Plus it’s reversible with the same design for a quick fix.

  • Large & Comfy – 6 ½ by 4 ½ ft. of non-slip, cushioned padding provides plenty of room lounging, snacking or dancing!



We have covered Beckmann products many times before and with good reason- they are incredibly well made, functional and durable backpacks that never disappoint! As durable as they are adorable, these backpacks are sturdy, safe and perfect for growing backs. One of the largest distributors of backpacks, Beckmann of Norway has a goal to produce the best backpacks for not only children, but for adults as well. Everyone will go nuts over the Beckmanns colorfully themed backpacks! This backpack gives such incredible back support with amazing maneuverability that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it!