Your Dream Outdoor Entertainment Space: J Design Group

Your Dream Outdoor Entertainment Space: J Design Group

Photos provided by Daniel Newcomb of Architectural Photography

Summer is only a few months away and now is the perfect time for you to start thinking about getting your outdoor living space together and ready for BBQ’s and pool parties! I am a huge fan of barbecues and family gatherings. It’s one of my happy places. If you’re in the Florida area, J Design Group is the landscaping and design company to call if you’re looking to bring sophisticated class to your outdoor entertaining space!

When the weather is hot and you’re hanging out with cool people, you’ll want to entertain in a space where you can fully enjoy your home and company. With the artistic eye of the J Design Group team, you’ll have a backyard that you’ll never want to leave!

 SUAVV: How much value does good outdoor entertainment space typically add to the property?

Outdoor improvements maximize living and entertainment space dramatically and as such adds tremendous value to any home. In our environment being able to entertain outdoors extends the living spaces from inward out and the property becomes like a diamond. It’s an investment that one passes on to future home buyers.

SUAVV: Has there been a decline in outdoor space by home buyers? 

There has been a decline only because in South Florida we have an enormous amount of condos which lends itself to little or no balconies.

SUAVV: What does it typically cost the average home to create an outdoor space? 

The cost of creating an outdoor space depends entirely on what is being done. We can create an environment by adding flooring, grass, different sitting areas with plants or even to the extent of adding amenities such as a pool or barbecue area. The cost can vary tremendously from $5,000 on up.

SUAVV: What are some options when you have limited space?

If space is limited and one is skillful enough, you can create unique looks and scale back the details but create the same feeling on a smaller scale.

SUAVV: Is there an order of what should be purchased when decorating outdoors? 

The order of events depends on what is being done. If flooring is something being implemented, then one should consider lighting to be wired and channeled to the proper areas, then implement the floor and the grass depending on the design and then the plants. After all that is done, you then incorporate the furniture.

SUAVV: How do you implement ideas for different regions and seasonal changes? 

It goes without saying that your outdoor design will take into consideration the climate within which we live.

SUAVV: Should outdoor furniture be stored inside during the winter?

I highly recommend that the outdoor furniture is stored inside during the winter months in order to procure the lifespan. Of course, if the look is a rustic one then remaining outdoors may lend itself to that ambiance.

SUAVV: Outdoor to indoor, should there always be a fall back plan for weather? 

Without question, if the interior becomes a viable option if weather declines.


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