EMBRACING INTIMACY by “Not A Partnership” Authors Tod Jacobs and Peter Lynn

EMBRACING INTIMACY by “Not A Partnership” Authors Tod Jacobs and Peter Lynn

Great looks are important, but its attraction that keeps a relationship lasting. All the celebrities in Hollywood seem to be so picture-perfect, but when it comes to keeping their relationship active and intimate, they fail from day one. Why is that? Today, we’re going to be talking about what intimacy is and how you can strengthen the bond between you and your partner, so your intimacy levels are healthy for years and years.

What is Intimacy? 
Intimacy first and foremost is built, and to the contrary, it is not something that happens at first sight. The reason why it doesn’t happen right away is that real attraction is based on how we share who we are with one another, and the parts that connect us a soul level. Intimacy in truth is about unity, and when spouses view one another with fewer walls and more unity, they find that intercourse is more than just the bond we built. It’s the love and connection we share in its purest form.

How to Build Intimacy?
Intimacy happens naturally on its own when two people start dating, and things progress, which is lovely. However, a lot of couples wonder how they can continue to build intimacy with one another to avoid losing that spark or connection. There are several ways to build intimacy, and you may be surprised by how many of them are easy and free. It’s surprising that some relationships forget to do the little things, but it’s natural to get comfortable in a routine, especially if you have been with the same person for a long time.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite ways to rekindle your connection with your partner:

Be Grateful – Showing gratitude toward one another can go a long way in any relationship, regardless of duration. There is nothing better than feeling appreciated when you do something, whether it’s big or small. 

Be Open – Having an open mindset is critical in any relationship, especially when you two don’t see eye to eye on something. Take a step back and consider what would happen if you were more open-minded about something new. 

Be Present – There is nothing worse than not feeling heard when you’re expressing your feelings or trying to talk things over. If your partner wants to talk about something, be present for the conversation and really listen to one another. You may be surprised by how intimate things can get from having these heartfelt moments.

Be Fun – Life is serious stuff, but there are times when you two may need to kick back, relax and just have fun with one another and forget about the heavier stuff life throws on us. Find activities for you both to enjoy or be spontaneous for little things, like getting messy while cooking. By having fun together, it opens another way you two see one another, which is fantastic for intimacy. 

As you can see, none of these ways to build intimacy are challenging or expensive. They only require you to tune in to one another on different levels, outside of your normal function or routine. 

Keeping intimacy is about building an unbreakable bond, which makes two people less separable from one another in the healthiest way possible. A strong sense of intimacy helps ensure a sense of security with one another since you feel that you two can really be yourselves while you’re together. 

By breaking the usual relationship barriers, a connection of intimacy between two people can build and grow unstoppable momentum. Therefore, it’s important to keep intimacy alive and well during all phases of your relationship.