Move Over: How To Live With A Roommate

Move Over: How To Live With A Roommate

If you are a young cat looking for a hip new place to live, no doubt you will be needing a roommate or two to actually live in those expensive apartments in whatever city you are trying to live in. But, let’s be real here, living with another person can cause a lot of problems! Especially if one of you is very high maintenance it can cause an irreversible rift between you guys so taking steps to prevent any problems from happening in the future.

Create rules and stick by them

It doesn’t really matter if it matters if it’s your best friend or a stranger. Creating rules to stick by is an important part of any roommate situation. A good idea is to create a wheel for chores and make of list of things you are okay with sharing and things you maybe aren’t okay with. Another thing that is important though is to not get too uptight. A relaxed living environment is also very important to a successful time together.

Give each other space

You will be around each other A LOT. You don’t have to constantly be sitting next to each other constantly in each other’s business. At the end of the day, it’s the golden rule that counts. Treat others how you would want them to treat you. Be courteous, wear headphones if you want to listen to loud music and clean up your space after you are done using it.

Hang out a little

Even though you will be spending most of your time with them you should also try to spend quality time with them outside of your apartment. Maybe go to a bar or if they are strangers, find something you have in common like for example if you like the same music artists and go see a live show or something. This can strengthen your relationship and help you live together more peacefully.

Don’t Hang out too Much

Hey, its good to hang out with your roommate but you don’t want to cling on to them. You are around them all the time its also important to live your own life. Bring your friends over or go out on your own with other people. No one wants to be with the same person literally 24/7 so make sure you have a life of your own as well. Plus, at the end of the day when you get back from your own adventures, it can be a fun conversation to have with your roommate.

Be flexible and communicate!

Being a stick in the mud is no fun, you should at least try to have fun with your roommate even if you guys don’t immediately get along. And if you are living with your friend enjoy your time with them and don’t be afraid to communicate any problems you have. If you are pleasant and sincere about it you can always work through issues.