The Heath Evans Foundation: Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse

The Heath Evans Foundation: Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse

Championship NFL running back Heath Evan has more than just a passion for football. This athlete turned philanthropist has created the Heath Evans Foundation, an organization that provides a safe haven for anyone who has been affected by childhood sexual abuse. With child abuse, sex rings, and molestation growing at an alarming rate, this organization is very much in need.

Using diverse methods in order to be able to reach out and assist those who have been affected, the Heath Evans Foundation partners with other agencies in Palm Beach County, Florida and New Orleans to bring awareness to this cause and to properly train staff, administrations, and parents on how to recognize the signs of child abuse, and what to do in order to begin the healing process.

Like other companies and organizations, this foundation is using social media to broadcast on a larger scale and make people more aware of this sensitive matter. With a page on Facebook where stories can be shared and resources and information given, this organization is touching more homes than just those in Palm Beach County and New Orleans by far.

In order to raise awareness and funds, The Heath Evans Foundation has created some great events, including “Softball Showdown,” a softball game that includes some of the New Orleans Saints who came out to participate for charity, and “The 7 on 7 Championship,” where the best teams in Florida came out to compete in West Palm Beach. These events, and more,have raised a lot of money for a wonderful cause.

The Heath Evans Foundation offers a web service that allows for victims to share their stories of abuse, hope, information, and empowerment. The address is This site contains stories in all languages and it is appropriate all ages and races. You can make postings anonymous or make your name visible, whichever you prefer. It is truly a great source of empowerment for someone to realize that others have overcome what they hopefully will too someday.

If you would like to find out more information about this organization visit, go to the Heath Evans Foundation Facebook page, and/or follow @heathevans via Twitter for updates and tips.