Beltology: Fashion with a Cause

Beltology: Fashion with a Cause

A belt is more than just a device to hold up your pants. It’s a fashion statement. It’s an accessory that separates your lower torso from the upper torso. That brief break in garments can become the tale-tale between a stylish man, and a…well….clothes-wearer. This spring Beltology introduced the ever-practical Italian-inspired woven stretch belt to the world and men are buzzing.The new brand recognized that belts have been left behind as an expressive accessory in the world of Men’s fashion and created a fun twist on the classic wardrobe staple.

beltology1Beltology values the history of the belt, appreciates traditional and timeless styles and grasps the potential for expression and possibility – Why stop at ties, colored socks, and pocket squares? Though, these items are also dead giveaways of a stylish man, a belt that stands out, is that last slice of the pie. Upholding the belief that high style does not have to come with a high price tag Beltology crafts their signature stretch woven belts with high-quality materials and they are available in over 35 different styles and offered at a very affordable price.

My favorite aspect of this company is that they are fighting for a cause. This summer, Beltology teamed up with Pin Down Bladder Cancer and Memorial Sloan Kettering to help take on the battle against bladder cancer. Bladder cancer (also known as the ‘cancer below the belt’), is one of the 4th most common cancer in men, 5th overall, and one of the most under-funded. To give their complete support, Beltology created the PDBC belt that will give 100% of proceeds directly to the funding of bladder cancer awareness campaigns and research.

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