SUAVVstyle: Fall Fashion Takes on an Edgy Twist with Skinny Tie Madness

SUAVVstyle: Fall Fashion Takes on an Edgy Twist with Skinny Tie Madness

Make this season a memorable one with looks that are sure to stop women in their stilettos. Get that SUAVV, sexy, stylish reputation with Skinny TieMadness. The trendy prints, edgy colors and high-quality of Skinny Tie Madness will leave your ladies lusting for more. There’s no reason to hide your fashionable side. Let Skinny Tie’s Fall fashions turn you into a man worthy of the runway. Whether you’re the math geek, the businessman, or the baseball fan you have every right to feel good in the tie you’re in. Anything that goes around your neck should be made with utmost care and the coolest of styles.

Math Geek Convention: 

You don’t have to go to a math convention to earn respect for this tie. This patterned tie is mesmerizing and thought-provoking. Not only is it clever and cool, but it could come as a handy tool when solving math equations. The 100% cotton, 2-inch wide, 58-inch long tie is great for work and weddings. Let the novelty print and fun pattern become a topic of conversation at your next party. The Math Geek Convention tie won’t let you down.





Fudge Bucket:

If you want ladies staring at your chest and grabbing for your guns, then this is the tie to put on. The multi-colored, paisley print is what happens when culture meets fashion. The eye-catching, classic style pops with that added teal color that’s a favorite this Fall. Your cocktail parties and lunch dates will take on a fashionable flavor with this 2-inch wide, 58-inch long tie with a brushed cotton finish.





American Hustler:

This tie is one of the favorites among Skinny Tie Madnesscustomers this season. You can’t go wrong with a tie that takes on the hustler and hipster look, all in one. The 100% cotton plaid design will dress up denim or add some style to a suit. This classic look is a guaranteed woman-pleaser. You’ll exude confidence and a carefree attitude with this simple, yet memorable statement piece.

All ties come with a tie clip and they retail for $29. They can be found online at, and

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