Anthony Dalton is Redefining Masculinity on BET’s SISTAS

Anthony Dalton

During a time where there are so many conversations about what is considered manly and the notion of toxic masculinity, Anthony Dalton portrays the character of Calvin on Tyler Perry’s hit series ‘SISTAS’ addresses all of the masculine stereotypes. While wearing “questionable clothing”, having gay white fathers, being a self-pampering metrosexual, and overall being an amazing guy full of quality and secrets. Which makes for great conversation and television.

During a recent conversation, Anthony takes us on a journey through his career with all of the twists and turns that an actor takes when chasing a dream. While being a part of the number 1 cable show, the newish actor can clearly remember the moment when he said this was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. While there is a lot more to this story, you’ll have to read the May issue of SUAVV. Until then, enjoy this part of our conversation.

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