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The Sound of the Police: Star of ‘The Rookie’ Titus Makin, Jr. talks about Police Brutality and playing a Cop.

Titus Makin

Titus Makin, Jr. is no stranger to our magazine. In our last interview, we talked about who he is and got all of the background info. CLICK THIS LINK TO READ THAT ARTICLE. However, in the time since Titus has been filming the new season of ABC hit show THE ROOKIE in the midst of one of our country’s biggest clashes with police and the Black community. While the show may be fictional, the stories and the messages are not too far-fetched from the reality of everyday life as a police officer and for the citizens that the department is protecting and serving. 

We wanted to sit with Titus and ask him all of the questions that he can answer, not just as a Black actor portraying an officer on television but also as a Black man. Titus stepped into a role that is a part of his career and has been able to address some of the systemic issues that we see and know lay deeply rooted in our law enforcement community. While it’s not an easy conversation, it must be had. 

Click the photo below and enjoy this SUAVV Session with Titus Makin, Jr.

The Sound of the Police: The Rookie Star Titus Makin, Jr. talks Police Brutality and playing a Cop.

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